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Oct 1
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October 1, 2015 at 8:00pm to
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Think about yourself at 16 years old. Did you ever make a mistake, or a decision that you regretted? It was probably okay, because you were just a kid. It turns out that for some kids, it's not so okay. New York is one of two states that automatically arrests and prosecutes 16-year-olds as adults. 

Young people who are treated as adults in the criminal justice system face harsh conditions and punishment in adult jails during their incarceration and they often face hurdles to employment and education after their release. Young people who are considered adults criminally may leave the system with open felony records as opposed to juvenile adjudications. At 16 years old, the system makes it very hard for young people leaving adult jail and prison to build self-sustainable futures. 

Think about how young you were at age 16, and how terrifying it would have been to be processed through the adult criminal justice system.

Drive Change, embraces social enterprise to lower recidivism rates (the rate at which people return to the system) for youth. Food trucks are an emerging food trend with low overhead costs and oozing creative identity. They embrace the model to employ young people leaving the adult criminal justice system - giving them hands-on work experience while simultaneously teaching transferable skills that they can take with them when they move onto to the future opportunities that Drive Change helps create. For those of you in New York, they also make the best grilled cheese I've ever had at their food truck, Snowday.

I hope you'll join me in making a donation to an organization that is doing so much good - your support makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!

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